The project comprises a 20-month implementation period (May 1, 2013 to December 31, 2015) and includes seven activities:

- Activity 1: Coordination and Project Monitoring, aimed at coordinating the project's technical running as a whole and activities in particular, as well as monitoring the investment associated with each and validate the goals and measures foreseen in the application. All of the promoters of the project will intervene, being a responsibility to INOVCLUSTER.
- Activity 2: Communication Plan, comprising the design of the overall image and the project slogan, the design and production of promotional materials and merchandising and communication in the media (media plan). Despite having contributions from all promoters, it will only have the intervention and responsibility of Nerga.
- Activity 3: Diagnosis of the Territory Agro industrial Potential, comprising the survey, analysis and characterization of the traditional olive grove with potential for conversion to organic farming and the survey of existing mills with conditions to work in organic production. It will have the unique intervention by AAPIM, equally being its responsible.
- Activity 4: Characterization of the Olive Oil post-production Value Chain (Commercial, Logistics and Distribution Chain), comprising the identification of the olive oil post-production value chain, that is, identifying the set of economic players who integrate their knowledge and skills in the development of olive oil, interacting to co-produce its offer. Thus making it necessary to analyse the sequence of activities involved in the transformation of raw materials into the final product, between the system of production and consumption, identifying opportunities and threats in order to allow further system competitiveness and improve relationships between the different players. It will have the intervention of INOVCLUSTER and AGROCLUSTER, with the subcontracting of IPG, INOVCLUSTER being responsible for this activity.
- Activity 5: Seminars, including conducting 11 seminars/workshops, divided throughout the 18 months of the activity implementation whose purpose is to inform and sensitize various olive grove players and communicate the results of some activities. It will have the intervention of INOVCLUSTER, AGROCLUSTER and NERGA, AGROCLUSTER being responsible for this activity.
- Activity 6: E-Market Place, including the platform design and development that will support the marketing of products and will be the showcase for producers that may be involved in this project, being directed to business between companies (B2B - Business to Business) and its implementation. Despite having contributions from all promoters, it will only have the intervention and the responsibility of ADSI.
- Activity 7: Dissemination, including holding 2 seminars for the dissemination of project results, in particular, e-marketplace, its operating model, its management, conditions of participation, among others. It will have the participation of INOVCLUSTER, AGROCLUSTER and ADSI, obviously having the presence of the other promoters NERGA and AAPIM, being the responsibility of INOVCLUSTER.


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